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A Church website is an extension of a church. The website must include all features to show the church to the world in the best light possible and allow the church to promote its mission and faith.

Share News and Events

Post and share the latest news and events of your church with your members easily through the Admin solution. Display them in attractive ways to gain attention.

Vicar’s Message

Let the priest/vicar share his thoughts directly to his parish through his dedicated space on the home page. Past messages and ones from other vicars can also be posted.

Online Parish Hall Booking*

Now the members of your church can book your parish hall from the comfort of their homes for functions/events. Online reservations can be monitored and controlled by the admin(s).

Post Online Church Publications

You can digitally upload Church’s magazines and publications online and allow your viewers to download them to their computer. This process offers speedy delivery and reduces printing costs.

  • Multiple administrators*

    An admin controls the website layout and content. You can allow other administrators or sub admins with lesser privelages to control your website. This feature allows many users to control different or all sections of the website if necessary.

  • Multi-Theme and Multi-Language Support

    ParishCloud can speak many languages. Your website can be designed and content posted in your own regional language. The website content to be edited in your desired language as well. There are also many website display themes available to you to match the appearance of your page.

  • Post Audio, Video and Images

    Post the memories of all activities in your church with photos and videos on your website and share with the world. Audio messages of speeches and sermons can also be uploaded to be viewed at a later time.

  • Announce Holy Mass and Event Timings

    Post the timings of Holy Mass or special events at church on the main page of the website for viewers.

  • Cloud web hosting

    With Cloud Hosting, there is no need of servers and local hardware. Highly scalable cloud servers placed securely and strategically around the world offer crash-free up-time ensuring a smooth and safe browsing.

  • Unlimited Pages

    Create any number of pages and content you wish to add to the website. The Editor is easy to use and organize pages efficiently as the content increases over time.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Your entire website is designed to be responsive to mobile or tablet devices. The website is designed to automatically adjust and scale to all devices. This offers a staggering display of your website on any mobile canvas irrespective of brand or screen size.

  • Advertisement Space*

    You can also allow third party advertisements to your website to generate additional funds for your church. Advertisements can be controlled or placed/removed by the admin(s).

  • Mourn the Departed

    Obituary posts can be made directly on to the website. Let your parish know about the loss and pray for the departed.

  • Social Network Integration

    Share your website posts and content with social media. Integrate Facebook, twitter and other social media page directly to your website to allow your viewers to share church website with family and friends.

  • Celebrate Weddings/Birthdays/Baptisms

    Let the members of your church celebrate the joys in their lives with their parish. Post these special events with photos, dates and more information on the website.

  • Feedbacks

    This is an important feature that allows the visitors to your website to convey their issues and suggestions on the website.

  • Easy-to-use Editor.

    All website content can be easily edited with features very similar to Microsoft Word so you can easily understand the interface and edit HTML contents as well.

  • Sort or prioritize contents.

    You can prioritize the details/contents of every sections and it will be displayed on public pages only on the basis of the assigned order.

  • Google Maps and Directions

    Embed Google map into your website and allow visitors to locate your church and find directions.

  • Search Engine Optimization.

    ParishCloud optimizes web pages to allow your website to appear at a higher rank on Search Engine results. ParishCloud uses standard SEO techniques to achieve this compliance.

  • Site Search

    Search for any content on the website using the integrated search bar that is available on the website.

  • Display bible quotes

    ParishCloud allows you to add bible quotes and can be displayed it on public pages .

  • Feedback from viewers

    ParishCloud provides a way to get feedbacks or any suggestions from viewers easily. Also, there is a contact widget to post an email to administrator.

*Available in Premium Edition Only.

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