‚Äč Frequently Asked Questions - ParishCloud

Frequently asked questions

  • faqHow do I sign-up for ParishCloud and how will it be installed?

    1. Go ahead and click Sign up on the top right corner of your window.
    2. During the sign up process, you can choose the Product package and its payment option.
    3. Once you have completed the payment, our technology team is alerted and we will get in touch with you in 24 hours requesting any information, if needed and work will start on it right away.
    4. We will install the ParishCloud on a secure server and we will pass you the private administrator log-in credentials.
    5. From this juncture, your website is live and you alone have control over your website and you can start adding content. We are always here to guide you through any issues you may have come across.

  • faq Can I post articles on topics, talk about the activities on Church and promote the church on ParishCloud?

    Yes, certainly. ParishCloud is designed exclusively for Churches. It has many pre-defined pages and menus that is useful to all churches. If your ministry requires additional pages or menu drop-downs, it can always be added from the Content Management System (CMS). We have set no limit on the content or pages. You can record all activities of the church on your church website through ParishCloud.

    Promotion of the church, its faith and cause is crucial to keeping the Christian faith strong in this world. You are the window through which the light of our Lord shines onto the world. Your presence, communication and reach to the world is absolutely crucial. ParishCloud offers you another window.

  • faqCan I bring in additional funds to my church for its cause?

    Yes. The premium edition of ParishCloud allows the church another avenue to generate funds.


    Church website will gather a lot of visitors and it is a great place to post ads from local businesses and other third parties to bring in funds for the church.

  • faqCan I host my ParishCloud church website myself?
    No. ParishCloud is hosted on a secure, high performance and large capacity cloud server to ensure ensure high quality and health of your website at all times, plus, it takes away any worry you may have in maintaining cloud storage.
  • faqIs ParishCloud Secure?
    Yes. We partner with Amazon to offer you the most secure cloud servers on the planet. The data is fully backed-up at all times to ensure, there is never any data loss.
  • faqMy church or ministry doesn't own a domain or a website name. Can ParishCloud register for me?
    Yes. We will register a name for you for free. ParishCloud offers free domain registrations for its churches.
  • faqAre there any additional costs other than the monthly fee to run ParishCloud?
    No. There are no other hidden fees or costs to maintain and manage your website. Your monthly fee covers maintenance, support and hosting costs.
  • faqCan I upgrade the ParishCloud edition at a later time?
    Yes. Upgrades are handled by the support team. Please email us at support@parishcloud.com and we will guide you through the process and upgrade installation. Billing is adjusted accordingly depending on the days from Payment date.
  • faqI want an additional feature that you currently do not offer on ParishCloud. Can I have it added?
    The short answer is Yes. ParishCloud is continuously improved but it's open to custom coding. If your idea is viable to our architecture, we will review it and add it. This may include additional fees in some cases. Contact us with details as this is handled on a case by case basis.
  • faqHow much technical skill do I need to run/maintain ParishCloud?
    None. ParishCloud websites are designed to be user friendly and easy to manage without any technical skill whatsoever. You don't need to hire a technology whizz to run your ParishCloud website.
  • faqCan I alter the look and feel of my website?
    Yes. Every church can have its own desired look for their ParishCloud. Be it color, themes, images, layout, it is important to reflect the grace and passion of your church on your website as well. If additional modifications have to be done beyond the regular alterations, then please contact our support team.
  • faqIs it necessary to sign on for a long term commitment?
    No. We do not draw a line on the term of commitment. You are free to cancel at any time. Our clients/churches stay with us for the product/service we offer.
  • faqDo you offer refunds?
    ParishCloud doesn't offer refunds to its customers since each customer buys the product after going through our demo pages.
  • faqDo you offer FTP access to the server?
    No. We do not offer FTP access to our clients at this time to avoid security risks. The Content Management System or the admin section is powerfuk enough to handle all file upload and download requirements.
  • faqI just paid for ParishCloud. How long will it take to have my website live?
    If there are no additional requests, the website should be installed within one working day. The website will be live & you will have complete control of your website in two working days.
  • faqCan I edit the contents at a later time?
    Yes, Of course. All contents can be edited at a later time. Once the website is setup by us, you are given all administrative privileges. You are now in complete control of your website.
  • faqCan I have the website and its content in my regional language?
    Yes. We offer multi-language support. You can have the public area of the website in the language of your choice.