Complete Parish Management Solution

ParishCloud is an open door set before parish members to know more about their parish. Let the new generation know the history behind your church. Everything related to your parish like History of Church, Church Officials, Holy Mas timings, Festivals, Various associations & institutions working under the parish etc. can be shown in your parish website. The member details of organizations,Chapels and important monuments/relics that your church poses can also be displayed.

ParishCloud at a glance

ParishCloud is a premium cloud application, that helps you launch a featured website for your church on the cloud. ParishCloud is a user-friendly, clean, fully configurable and customizable church management software for church, that continues to get better all the time. It keeps your people connected to your church.


Benefits of a parish website

The life of a christian is very much connected with his parish church as his family. To love ones parish he should know its history, families, present activities, special programmes, associations institutions, monuments and other connected details. Now, the best possible means to know these and for communication between the church officials and parishioners is to have a website for the church. Parish website serves this purpose. Anybody who wishes to know anything about the church can have it at anytime.


How parishcloud benefits you?

ParishCloud allows you to manage everything related to your church including chapels, associations and its member details, institutions under the parish, monuments and festivals, settings, contents and images of your church’s website easily, without any special technical skills required.

It works on premium technologies and has right tools that will enable you to manage the settings, contents and images of your church’s website easily, without any special technical skills required. We deal with everything under your parish.

Our parishcloud software can be easily handled by a priest or any other church officials of the parish, thus it implies the ‘user friendly’ feature of parishcloud. We provide you a software live demo so that you can be familiarized with its features and working before purchase it.


Highlighted Features of ParishCloud

  • Manage current and previous church officials
  • Manage chapels, institutions, monuments of your parish
  • Manage associations & its members
  • Manage vicars details and their messages
  • Congratulate Newlyweds & New Angels
  • Online parish hall booking
  • Publish latest news, events and announcements
  • Read and download Online publications of your church
  • Share details of recently departed
  • Photo,Video & Audio gallery
  • Slideshows to improve the look & feel of your website
  • Archieve listing of Priests & Nuns of your parish


Technology used

ParishCloud works on most modern cloud hosting technology. ParishCloud is known to be associated with Amazon AWS to provide a fault free cloud hosting environment to its customer.

Cloud web hosting offers you high scalability, so that no need to worry about on the website going down due to a particular server crash. This feature can increase your available resources immediately, only when you necessitate it and thusly you can redeem your money by paying only for what you use.

Help and Support

We have a very enthusiastic team with us to guide and help you. You can get us at in the most recent and fast technologies that ensure your satisfaction. We provide support through Livechat, Email and Phone. Choose the most convenient medium for you and we are with you throughout. If you feel you need to have a live conversation with us please call us on +91 4829 285207 or +91 8592880500


Available Versions

ParishCloud Standard Edition

It includes the features listed above.  Click to know more.

ParishCloud Premium Edition

It includes the basic features of standard and some exclusive features of premium edition. Exclusive features include Multiple Administrators, Book Parish/Community Hall Online, Sponsorship Areas, Audio Sermons.


ParishCloud Live Demo

Standard Edition

Our live demo is available at

Check live demo of its admin side at

Premium Edition

Our live demo is available at

Check live demo of its admin side at

You can understand and familarize with the working of both standard and premium edition of parishcloud.

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